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Free ATM Program

GD ATM Network has two programs for the "Free ATM Placement Program", a low traffic, low transaction location program and a high traffic, high transaction location program. Both programs are designed for that "No Cost - Turnkey" ATM solution. The merchant will do nothing and GD ATM will do every thing. GD ATM Network understands and implements every detail that is required to maintain a reliable and profitable ATM machine.

  • GD ATM Cash Services (for low transaction locations) - GD ATM is one of the few ATM companies in the US that is able to fully service "Low Transaction ATM". For each and every free ATM placed, the ATM needs to be located about 70 miles radios of Sacramento, California and also GD ATM can serve the grater Bay Area of Northern California. Call for details.

  • Armored Car Cash Services (for high traffic locations) - For the rest of California and through out the states, each and every free ATM placement we deploy is placed on armored car cash services to ensure cash is available at all times. This is one huge difference between GD ATM Network and most ATM companies.

  • Earn a Percentage of Each Transaction - By joining our free ATM placement program, you will earn a percentage of the surcharge revenue from each and every transaction. Your percentage can vary between 10% - 40% depending on the location, number of transaction per month, and the surcharge for each transaction. You will receive your surcharge revenue the following month.

  • No Cost, Turnkey Solution - We handle everything from the cost of the ATM machine, programming, installation, maintenance, cash services, insurance, signage, paper supplies, transaction processing, network fees, and more.

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