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For the merchants that have no floor space to have a Cash ATM in their location or too concerned about having cash in a stand alone ATM, having a "Point of Banking" terminal (Cashless ATM) is the answer. Let GD ATM Network provide a FREE Cashless ATM.

Unlike credit-debit card machines which costs merchants a percentage or a flat fee with every sale, the Cashless ATM has a convenience fee that the customer pays so the merchant doesn't have to pay any processing fees.

Point of Banking terminals are convenient for customers to use to get cash back when making purchases while it is also easy for the merchants... It even accepts EBT cards. The amount of cash back is controlled by the merchant, and also convenient for their customers, as purchase transactions can be made with or without cash back in increments of $5.00 or $10.00 not like the ATM machines in increments of $20.00. Cashless ATM can save merchants a lot of money.

How Does Cashless ATM Work?

Customers simply swipe their card, and follow the instruction on the terminal's screen. They will be prompted to choose which account they want to withdraw from, the dollar amount, and then they will be asked for their pin number. Once these steps are completed, the customer hits the enter button to get approval.

Once the transaction been approved, the terminal prints a two part receipt, one is for the customer to keep as a receipt, and the other is taken to the cash register to be redeemed for goods or services, with or without cash back. The cashier simply makes change to make up the amount of the transaction... It's that simple!

Funds that is provided by the merchants, will receive the funds back to their bank account by electronic deposit in about 3 business days and part of the surcharge will be deposited by the 15th of every month for each previous month's transactions.

Program Benefits

There are a lot of benefits in having a Point of Banking machine(Cashless ATM)

  • Your Customers Can Spend More at Your Location by Having ATM Access
  • Reduce Credit Card and debit card charges
  • Raise Your Average Ticket
  • Guaranteed Funds (can’t bounce like checks can)
  • You Set Transaction Amounts
  • Customer Activated (to move lines quicker)
  • Funds Electronically Deposited into Your Account
  • Customer Does Transaction Before Checking Out
  • Customer Convenience
  • Eliminate Bad Checks
  • Safe PIN Based Transactions
  • No security concerns

By converting card users over to the Cashless ATM, you’ll be making money on each transaction instead of paying for each cardholder’s. the amount of money mad depends on the charge per transaction and the number of transaction made per month. We use one of the best quality, most widely used cashless ATM machine and processing terminals in the world!

What Do You Get

  • A programmed terminal for your store, ready to work
  • A Countertop Kiosk w/ Signage
  • Hang Down ATM Ceiling Sign
  • Hanging ATM Window Sign
  • 2 ATM Adhesive Door Stickers
  • 2 Rolls of Thermal Paper
  • Complete Scrip User Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Shipping to Your Location and Service after the Sale!

Call or email for details and/or to receive a FREE Cashless ATM.

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