Up to $2,000 Bonus to install an ATM at your location!!

That's right... GD ATM Network is offering up to $2,000 in bonus money to merchants that needs an ATM at their location or merchants that are currently have an ATM and needs our services.

It is simple to qualify...

1. An agreeable agreement needs to be signed between GD ATM and your location or locations.
2. To qualify for the bonus, the minimum transaction per month for the location needs to be 100 transaction.
3. The bonus money is awarded to a location in increments of $250 per 50 transactions above 100 transaction per month (please call for details).
4. The location will be evaluated on the third statement after the agreement is signed for the bonus money to be awarded.
5. The location or locations needs to have an agreement with GD ATM under the "Free Placement Program" or the "Partnership Program" (Please see "ATM Placement Programs" page for details).